What we do

A developer and investor in next generation energy ports infrastructure



Offshore wind by 2050


$Billion / Year

Annual average investment in OSW ’21-‘50


M met ton

Clean H2 demand by 2050


$ Billion / year

Annual average investment in clean H2 by 2050

Ship on a dock, loading a wing
The Goal

Offshore wind will drive investment in ports and vessels in Europe & the US by >$15 billion by 2030

Map of america
The US has to invest $6 B in ports and vessels by 2030; West coast needs to invest $5-11 B in ports to reach 2045 targets
Map of England
UK ports need £4 B investment to unleash the floating wind industry
Map of Europe
Europe has to invest €8.5 B in ports by 2030
Our vision

We are motivated to unblock the path to net zero

Offshore turbines in a sunset background
Offshore wind energy exponential growth

We will develop and invest in the transformation of ports infrastructure to facilitate the continued expansion of offshore wind.

Harbor with wings lined up on the dock
Removing roadblocks

We will support urgent growth in global clean energy supply chain capacity.

Newton's Cradle with blue background
Next gen decarbonisation energy solutions

We will help to unlock new energy transition business models, such as energy storage, and clean fuels.

View of large cranes sitting at the harbor
Coastal gateways to be re-imagined for the net zero emissions future

We will explore opportunities to decarbonise ports and coastal infrastructure.